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FAS implements Production Performance Manager Successful

One of the valued manufacturing customers of Flexible Automation & Robotics (FAS) had a great need for more transparency of the production process and real-time production information. Pumas got the opportunity to implement the solution Production Performance Manager based on the ANDON principles.

In manufacturing ‘time is money’ and downtime even more. In competitive markets like the automotive, it is important to shorten time-to-market, improve operational efficiency and optimize cost. Technology is one of the answers to keep at least a step ahead of the competitor.

Customer Journey

One of our loyal customers in Indonesia took action and started to research what are the latest Smart Factory and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) has to offer. With that information, the customer's management team prepared the industrial automation roadmap. The first priority is to provide real-time and transparent production information to support the production, maintenance and quality departments.

From that moment, the solution team of FAS Indonesia came on board to offer consultation and translate the customer requirements into the solution concept. After the concept was accepted by the customer, our FAS solution team convert the functional concept into the system architecture with the selection of cutting-edge technology. The customer was satisfied and authorized FAS Indonesia work from design phase into the implementation phase.

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FAS Customers impressed by Tokyo System Control Fair 2017

Flexible Automation System (FAS) invited our customers to join the System Control Fair 2017 and International Robotic Exhibition 2017 held in Tokyo. This event was an excellent way to show our manufacturing customers the latest trends according to the concepts Smart Factory and IIoT.


Tokyo System Control Fair 2017 is the Japanese equivalent of the German Industry 4.0. MONO means ‘Thing which is made’ and ZUKURI: ‘The act of making’.
The highlights of the System Control Fair 2017 in Tokyo according to the FAS customers are diverse with central themes like flexible production, real-time information, standardization and vertical/horizontal integration.

EDGECROSS Consortium

The biggest highlight was the introduction of the FA-IT IoT standard connectivity platform for automation plants to help manufacturer standardize and connect their assets. The consortium will bring seamless connectivity to the factory independent of brand.

The partnership exists of many key players:
- IT: Oracle, IBM, Fujitsu, NEC, …
- Software: Microsoft, CTC, KSK, …
- Industrial PCs: Advantech, Intel, HP, Contec, …
- Factory Automation: Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, Beckhoff, Schneider, …

Mitsubishi Electric shows during the fair the e-F@ctory concept what makes it possible to integrate the production process from raw material till the shipping products and from shop floor till the Cloud.
Mitsubishi will launch the first Collaborative Robot in 2018 which designed to have a payload of 5 kg and a touch-screen teach pendant on the front of the 5th axis. The interface to teach will be based on ‘Apps’ .
One of the new products is the MELIPC from Mitsubishi Electric what will facilitate the EDGECROSS platform for IIoT applications and will be launched in 2018. The MELIPC can be used in various solutions like Condition Monitoring, Production Performance (OEE) and Energy Management.

Flexible Automation System: Your Solution Partner

WHAT is the reason for downtime? WHEN is the batch of products ready? WHY is production behind the target? WHAT is the quality of the products?

These are the daily questions you have as the responsible for Production, Maintenance and Quality.

As a one-stop-shop solution partner, we develop, implement and support solutions that will offer you real-time information and answers to the questions above. We are specialized in Smart Factory/ IIoT solutions to help you to achieve their goals.

Our solutions will make you able to Collect data from the production line, Visualize the information real-time from factory floor till management board. You will be able to Analyse the relevant data and accelerate in decision-making to Improve your efficiency.

We offer the following Solutions:

Click Solutions if you like to know more about our solutions.

If you’d like to learn HOW our solutions can help you as a manufacturer, please contact:

Flexible Automation System Corporation
Name:  FAS Manila Office
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: (63) 2 807 2417
Tel: (63) 2 807 2416 / 2328

IIoT Technology Seminar for Singapore Food Manufacturing SMEs

A*STAR and SPRING Singapore bundled their strengths to organize an Industrial Internet Of Things (IIoT) Technology Seminar on Tuesday, 7 November 2017. A*STAR and IIoT solution providers shared the latest IIoT trends and success stories in the manufacturing. IIoT is a relatively new for Singapore local manufacturers and this seminar contributes to the understanding about IIoT and how to capitalize this concept.

Pumas Automation & Robotics was honoured to be invited to share knowledge about the implementation of IIoT solutions and touched on the international standards ANSI/ISA-95, which provide manufacturers tools to map their current and future IT landscape.

A*STAR conducted a technology roadmapping session to help the local food manufacturers to identify the areas where IIoT can help, the current hurdles and to define the needs for IIoT solutions.

Pumas Automation & Robotics would like to thank government agency for organizing this successful seminar to share the importance of the Digital Connected Factory into Singapore. 

If you like to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you to optimize your production process please contact us.

Pumas attends China Mission with IE Singapore

Pumas attends China Mission with IE Singapore

China is for many years a strong growing market and its manufacturing sector is adapting the concept of Smart Factory and IIoT rapidly. IE Singapore which is the government agency under Ministry of Trade and Industry to promote international trade and partners Singapore companies to go global has organized an “Industry 4.0 East-West China Missions” during 4-10 June 2017. Its objective is to share the knowledge and innovations from the Singaporean solution providers and manufacturers with China companies and to strengthen our network with future customers in China’s East-West region.

In line with the solutions business strategy of Pumas Automation & Robotics, we attended the mission to develop new businesses and partners in that region of China.

The mission went to Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu and Chongqing. We visited manufacturers from various industry sectors in these cities: food, packaging, aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, automotive etc. We also attended networking sessions with representatives from the government, business and academia of Singapore and China to exchange on the topic of Smart Factory of the Future in a digital world.

The manufacturers and local officials gave us insight into their automation roadmaps and development plans in new industrial areas in Chengdu and Chongqing. We definitely felt the fast development pace in these cities. We also saw opportunities in certain sectors where the manufacturers need to improve their productivity and digital processes. Our local China offices will follow up on these opportunities to widen our presence in these areas.

 Under the philosophy: Think big, Start small, Act today we can progress with you to better future.